Telehealth as a Service 

 White-label customer-centric care ecosystem

Our Goals:

A single ecosystem providing tailored care programmes

TeleHealth Central Limited provides support to individuals, their families and care organisations enabling people to enjoy a more independent life in their own home – in confidence and safety.

This is achieved via a unified mix of digitally delivered services to the home and individual, connected by networked skills.

Our goal is a single ecosystem providing tailored care programmes that match evolving personal needs of customers – and families. This ecosystem is accessible easily and securely via the growing platform known as TeleHealth as a Service module.

In terms of each customer or family services converge in an environment known as Digital Home Care. The customer sits at the centre of all services, technologies and providers. Care programmes, curated services and related information (data) are automatically controlled via the central Care Relationship Management

Our Clients

Customer Centered

TeleHealth as a Service is a readily accessible platform, used by care organisations via their own branded domain. It unifies separate services, technology and networked skills; with the customer at the centre.

Care organisations include:

Local Authorities

Housing Associations


TeleCare Providers

Home Care Providers

Company Staff Benefits

One Ecosystem 

providing tailored care programmes

Customer Engagement & Boarding

Contingency & continuity

Care & Health Referrers

Affinity Partners

Local Authorities