How it works

There are structured set-up steps, plus activation processes. These can be completed interactively.

Simply complete the enquiry form below and we will give you access to your own set-up portal. Via this online interface, you enter the service level that you require, together with essential operational information. This automatically schedules a time for an interactive video meeting. During this we jointly establish the timing and processes of setting up your service.

What will be


All Calls

  • scheduled period per day
  • 24/7 contingency switch over
  • scheduled shared load
  • interaction with emergency response resources
          Pro Active Calls
  • social inclusion
  • medication & well-being


How will it be


Cloud based

As TeleHealth Central support service is ‘in the cloud’ our experienced operatives are distributed (including at-home) yet integrated into networked teams.
TeleHealth Central employs UMO from Enovation, Europe’s leading monitoring & response platform. UMO is what we term home device ‘agnostic’. This means that broadly speaking we’re able to monitor a wide range of different manufacturer’s home-TEC equipment.

Find out more about how the service could be quickly implemented and accessed by your organisation – we recommend an interactive video briefing session. Let us know a little bit about yourselves and we will make the necessary arrangements.