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Our support organisation, running white-label customer and operational services.

Our portfolio Services are :

Customer Engagement & Boarding

Contingency & Continuity

Care & Health Referrers

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Telecare providers will improve their customers’ experience – CX – whilst simultaneously coping with increased customer load. In other words relieving the resourcing load on current customer recruitment and boarding.,

We set-up a cloud based customer module ‘in front of’ your telecare system. This is branded with your own identity and has been purpose-built to meet specialised needs of telecare. These embrace customer recruitment, boarding, transacting and self-referring for customers and their families.

We package a complete branded web site plus integrated customer applications – already built in. Remember that your customers are:

(a) residents and families plus

(b) health and care professionals.

This handles your online customer reach, recruitment, on-boarding – through to transactions and support.

Once set-up, your customer engagement & boarding then provides:

*branded customer experience
*self registration / assessment
*services subscription
*product catalogue

*Familiar ‘Forms’ Presentation
*Conditional Logic Guides Rapid Input
*Integration With Other Systems
*Tracking (audit trail)

*live chat
*reservations & scheduling
*multi-vendor market and drop-shipping
*affiliate management
*case management

Customer Support Resourcing

Whilst digital customer on-boarding takes on much of the load, many will require one-to-one help and support from time to time. TeleHealth Central is able to deploy experienced and skilled people to deliver that support in your name:

  • telephone

  • live chat

  • SMS

  • email response

Additionally, our experienced customer relationship personnel are able to make direct and immediate outbound contact with all/individual customers:

  1. urgent or global messages

  2. well-being contact and checks

The latter helps focus your own specialist monitoring and response people on urgent inbound alert and activity telecare triggers.

If you would like to find out a lot more and also how the service could be quickly implemented and accessed by your organisation – we recommend an interactive video briefing session. Let us know a little bit about yourselves and we will make the necessary arrangements.

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