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  1.  Presently Delivering TeleCare (careline) Services
  2.  Wanting to Deliver TeleCare Support – self-funding
  3.  Moving Both Towards TeleHealth

Needing results based  Goals!


Emergency, Well-being & Health Support for Vulnerable Residents & their families.


Reduced Operating Costs – Direct & Indirect (e.g. social support)


Increased income.

3 Step Model

Digital Customer Recruitment & Boarding

Growing & Monetising Customer Relationships

What we bring to the table

Reduce Operating Costs

Added Value Services

Financial Innovation

The 3 step Model

The progress of this unique model is driven by a combination of results and the prevailing objectives of the Authority. In other words it proceeds as rapidly as mutually agreed and may be consolidated at any point.

1.   Customer Engagement & Boarding Portal

2.   Legacy System Transition | Market Entrance

3.   Commercial Development & Growth

1.Customer engagement & boarding portal

Your secure portal is entirely cloud-based. It can be implemented remotely and a one-time set up charge can be recouped from customer transactions. We manage the whole thing on your behalf, with support from your key staff who we train to use the back-office reporting dashboard.

Standard Features 

  • Branded Customer Website
  • Services Subscription Management
  • Standard Services “Packages”
  • Product Catalogues & Management
  • Order & Payment Processing
  • Referrrals Sub-system including

Optional Upgrades  

  • Advanced TeleHealth and Well-being Packages
  • Multi Vendor Market
  • Customer Relationship Management as a service
  • Digital Sales & Marketing as a Service 

2. Market Entry

Legacy system transition

The legacy telecare operating model has hardly changed in several decades.

Simply building slightly better versions of this model. For instance most legacy telecare/careline systems are what’s termed on-premise.

This paradigm is exceptional – in what’s essentially a technology led sector! Our management team are experienced in re-engineering businesses, especially how to define and interact with their markets.

Services such as Microsoft 365, Salesforce and AirBnB represent (perhaps imperfect) examples of sectors that have transitioned to a more efficient, more effective and more functional model. They allow many current businesses to focus on quality of their services rather than means of delivery. They allow new entrants to advance or disrupt services.

cloud computing wit 1920



For Authorities already providing Technology Enabled Care the decision is to either replicate their current operating model or transition to a more advanced and effective one. For Authorities wishing to take advantage of Technology Enabled Care,  serving vulnerable communities via a self-sufficient model, the decision is today much easier.

TeleHealth as a Service allows each type of Authority to transition from where they are now to supporting modern Independent Living. Importantly this transition carries a low risk profile and becomes self-funding.

growth 21

3. Commercial Development & GROWTH

With some Authorities we can consider setting up a vehicle to leverage and rapidly scale the returns from stages 1 and 2.

Our management team have helped many Authorities to apply more commercial strategies to various community services provision. Hence we’ve a level of understanding of their parameters when it comes to operating a sustainable and growing enterprise.

Our experience tells us that outsourcing often doesn’t deliver initial goals and running everything internally places a huge strain on management bandwidth and resourcing.

Hence a more balanced approach, where the Authority controls the customer relationship and we take on the ‘heavy lifting’ of operations, growth and returns. In addition the Authority can elect to retain a degree of ownership and oversight – generating continual ‘enterprise dividends’.

Find out more about how the service could be quickly implemented and accessed by your organisation – we recommend an interactive video briefing session. Let us know a little bit about yourselves and we will make the necessary arrangements.

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