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Adult Care - The Perfect Storm

Most people are aware that adult care is close to breaking point.

Our goal is helping to resolve a perfect storm of converging challenges facing Adult Care. We believe it can become a cornerstone of Connected Care in the U.K.

60p of each£1

of Local Authority spend

18,5M over65

by end of current decade

Processes, providers and resourcing have largely evolved piecemeal from legacy strategies and structures. There are studies, plans and initiatives to bring modern thinking and tools to resolve the situation. T.a.a.S has a major contribution to bring to the table.

  • An ageing demographic
  • Escalating cost of support-domiciliary & residential care
  • A growing role in citizens’ health & well-being
  • Stressed Financial Resources
  • Impending phone network switch to digital-2025 completion:   £100M-£300M careline hit 

Digitally supported Independent Living

TeleHealth as a Service is a cloud based connected care platform.

Essentially it’s a plug&play implementation.

Evolution from Telecare to Telehealth

TeleHealth as a service is a cloud based platform connecting key services, residents and families within an independent living ecosystem


TeleCare Alert Monitoring

Generally, organisations’ deployment of careline services are legacy on-premise systems connected to basic resident or sensor activated devices – via analogue phone lines.These include lanyard or wrist alert buttons and such as smoke/CO2.

The control centre tries to speak with their client via a hands-free home hub speaker. The control centre officer determines what action to take – inform family, contact ambulance, dispatch dedicated responder.

More recently, alarms can also trigger automated sensors for events such as epilepsy etc.
Most careline services are largely reactive rather than proactive. They also depend on an analogue telephone network, which is being repurposed prior to a final switch over to digital by 2025.

The TeleCare Services Association calculate that traditional careline services face a bill of £150 million to £300 million if alternatives are not implemented.


TeleHealth as a Service

Is a seamless integration of digital applications, customer resources and care professionals.It reduces the burden upon adult care delivered by Local Government, Housing Associations and third sector.

Our Well-being Being cloud based system is future-proof. It’s already ‘2025 compatible’ now and it works with in-home devices from nearly 200 suppliers. Alongside technology enabled care in the home – mobile services can accompany residents beyond their home. Voice activated devices and interactive video contact help with issues of dexterity and isolation. Unusual activity patterns can automatically set-up a proactive contact. For example night exit, periods of kitchen inactivity and so on.

Thus vulnerable residents can benefit from high standards of care support and continue to live in the home they know and love. Their families can be assured that monitoring and well-being services are available at a fraction of the cost of extensive domiciliary care or residential home. Especially for families that live remotely.

TeleHealth as a Service is for families, residents and care professionals


Co2 -Heat-
Doors -Bed-Flood-Activity-Security


Wellness -Weight – Temperature-
Medication – Blood pressure – Blood Sugar –
COPD – Hydration – EEG


*Emotional – *Mental

*Pathfinder *Coaching


Isolation – Nutrition

Exclusion- Indicators

Proactive services give families confidence that their parents and relatives have regular contact support, as well as real-time response to emergencies.

Social isolation is often correlated to poorer health and in particular to early onset dementia.

[Journal of Biomedical Science Jan 2018].

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