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TeleHealth as a Service is the trading name of TeleHealth Central Limited, an Archemys Holdings group company


Archemys takes expertise, models and tools from the world of business turnaround and re purposes them for public sector. Thus we’re very much a nuts & bolts company, important when re-inventing or rebuilding an enterprise.

Experience combined with tools and often with resourcing – including funding options.
In the private sector our work has involved SMEs to listed companies. In areas as diverse as Education to Entertainment. Within the public sector we’ve worked with Local Government Association, Dept. for B.E.I.S. and a growing number of Local Authorities.

We initially came into contact with the care sector in the context of Care Navigation processes. More recently working tightly within an Authority’s telecare unit – one providing an end-to-end service to several thousand direct payment customers. The outcome being a very rapid transition to an ‘operating profit.’

During the few months with this team, we

  • (a) quickly came to appreciate their commitment and competence 
  • (b) saw the potential for a hybrid of technology and skills positively impacting peoples’ lives and Local Government fortunes.

This document provides a useful guide. However it’s very important to relate TeleHealth as a Service to the specifics of your organisation.  This will help you gain a broader understanding of  T.a.a.S and the roles it can play.
For the benefit of both, we can easily set up a video meeting  and take you through how easy it is to set up our solutions.

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