Our applications cloud is enhanced and leveraged, via focused services from our valued alliances.

Who We Are

TeleHealth as a Service is a trading name of TeleHealth Central Limited.


TeleHealth as a Service is a partnership between TeleHealth Central and Astraline. We develop and manage a growing ecosystem delivering care health independence at home.

Alongside our own products and services, we curate and integrate complementary products and services from our Assiciates to deliver a seamless customer-centric platform.

TeleHealth as a Service provides resources to organisations supporting the care and health of vulnerable adults preferring to live in their home.

Our platform blends technology enabled care with skilled personal assistance from our Associates. We value and guard our independent stance, ensuring best fit and best practise solutions that meet our clients’ individual needs.

TeleHealth Central Limited (TCL) have transitioned public sector care organisations from ‘loss’ making to sustainable and scalable growth. In addition to re-engineering and repurposing, TCL customer systems manage engagement, service identification, on-boarding and fulfilment.


Astraline provide an integrated mix of unobtrusive in-home technology, interconnected to 24/7 response expertise and skills, underpinned by one of the world’s most advance monitoring systems. In addition to monitoring one of the most advanced care control centres in the country, Astraline manages research & development in TEC devices and their application.

This website provides a useful guide. However it’s very important to relate TeleHealth as a Service to the specifics of your organisation.  This will help you gain a broader understanding of  T.a.a.S and the roles it can play.
For the benefit of both, we can easily set up a video meeting  and take you through how easy it is to set up our solutions.