“We enable Care Providers to deliver Independent Health & Care to vulnerable people in the community,

This diagram shows you the complete integrated view of Telehealth as a Service.

It also demonstrates the flexibility of deployment and connectivity – including approved 3rd party resourcing:

  • Local Authorities
  • Domiciliary Carers
  • NHS
  • Housing Associations
  • Private Providers


Telehealth as a Service Ecosystem

Diagram Care Relationship management


TeleHealth as a Service seamlessly integrates

support for:

Efficient Care Management
for Well-being
  • Care Management
  • Remote Carers
  • Health & Care Referring & Commissioning
  • ‘Always-on’ monitored well-being
  • Rules/AI Workflow Automation
The result is a care ecosystem providing tailored User Interface

This system is dedicated to distinct, interconnected groups.

  • Customers & Families
  • Commissioning & Healthcare Professional
  • Care Provider Central Management
  • Remote Carer Digital Resource Services (DRS)
  • Automated Response Centre
  • Compliance

Cross Enterprise Services

TeleHealth as a Service is not a rigid package. Clients have the advantage of a custom implementation – closely matching their customer needs, business management and operational processes. At the same time, it’s modular framework keeps costs to a minimum.

These configurable modules embrace all the core activities of an efficient Care Provider and its interaction with essential external care and health organisations.



Remote Digital Services

Information and transactional access can be tailored to match the profile and needs of distinct groups of users. These are delivered from the cloud to any device(via Progress Web Application – PWA).


Workflow Automations

Clients are able to deploy customised, rules-based workflow automations. These handling operational tasks including rotas, medication schedules, activity thresholds, event triggers, mentoring calls and so on…


Permanently Monitored Health & Well-being

With and without carer in attendance – true ‘blended care’. Advanced devices, such as watches worn by customers and unobtrusively within key areas of homes, ensure well-being around the clock. They continue collecting vital information, even when care givers are present.

Rules-based workflow automation can be configured to determine who is best to initiate, or respond to, interaction between home and service needed. Proactive interaction might concern remote medication or wellbeing. Reactive involving low activity or emergency. Action could range from family check-in call, carer drop in visit, to ‘blue-light response.


As might be expected from the name, TeleHealth as a Service provides sophisticated communication functionality ‘baked-in’ to users’ application services.

Incoming calls can trigger screen-pops of related records.

In addition to telecomms built right into customer records, clients can also configure more advanced communications services such as chat and video.

Customer Data  Collection 

Continually collected customer data concerning location, activity, personal conditions etc. will become increasingly vital in the delivery of health & care in the community. Resource maximisation and productivity being one answer to escalating costs and skill shortfalls.