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Customer Engagement  & Boarding Module

of Telehealth as a Service

This is illustrated in How it Works. The Digital Home Care  module includes a configurable suite of integrated customer applications and transaction processing – ready to implement.


Web U.I.

Clients’ own products and services are installed and presented in a web based customer experience – incorporating a client’s unique branding and images.


This easy to use customer experience contains video tutorials throughout, together with a wealth of information. Customers and their families are supported in the selection of the most appropriate package to meet their needs.

If there are specific circumstances not covered in the range of standard packages, further products and services can be added from the Product Catalogues in the store. Also online personal consultations and care curation services can be set up by each customer at the push of a button.

Guided Examples


Opposite (below on mobile) are some guided examples of products & services together how they are presented and chosen by the customer – the self-explanatory video takes you through some of the key steps. Naturally each client is et up with their own unique products and services, together with their related charges. However the examples shown below provide you with a guide and your own services can be more extensive; perhaps including personal home attendance.

Independent Living

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Application presented

in an intuitive Web Interface

Digital Home Care for


Digital Home Care can be used by social workers, hospital staff and other care organisations to refer customers. This application is also presented in an intuitive web interface, also guided by video tutorials.

Referrals include automated communications to confirm registration to the professional referrer and advise the care provider in real time – for example via mobile SMS. to see more? CVisit our site  for more information!on the button at the right side!