Affinity Partners

As technology advances, more vulnerable people are able to enjoy confidently and safely living at home longer, minimising the need for more expensive residential care. Home devices are linked via the telephone network to a 24/7 monitoring & response centre. Which itself can be operated via qualified networked staff integrated via a cloud-based system.


TeleHealth Central manage a digitally delivered system, deployed on behalf of national or local businesses that have an ‘affinity’ with this Technology Enabled Care (TEC) service.

For example, those offering

  • communication

  • home entertainment

  • personal insurance

  • and so on

Alternatively employers of family members, whose parents or relatives could be supported, can gain from a managed employee incentive scheme. This is particularly the case when competitively recruiting and retaining the best people. Especially those who’d potentially need to relocate or otherwise are remote from vulnerable family members.


TeleHealth as a Service is a comprehensive 24/7 monitoring alert, response and proactive well-being service.

Emergencies such as

  • falls
  • excessive heat/cold,
  • CO2 & smoke
  • epileptic episodes
  • unusual exit (dementia)
  • unusual activity (or lack of)etc.

can trigger the appropriate home device, connecting the home via real-time interaction and initiating levels of response.

Alongside this the service can monitor personal status indicators (blood, lungs and so on), together with medication regimes and proactive well-being communication (social inclusion, mental support).

Our affinity scheme means that the business partner covers the home set-up costs and/or the monthly operational charges. We can operate premium telehealth packages where a proportion of the affinity scheme costs can be recouped or covered via service bundles with partners’ products.

Find out more about how the service could be quickly implemented and accessed by your organisation – we recommend an interactive video briefing session. Let us know a little bit about yourselves and we will make the necessary arrangements.

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